​Drainage Services

Poor drainage is the enemy of your home and its foundations. Maybe you’ve noticed standing water, or mold and damp stains in your basement or external walls. Standing water is an obvious problem for your home, but water can be affecting your property in more ways than you think. Ground water movement under a slab foundation will cause the slab itself to rise and fall slightly over time. The soil movement caused by expansion and contraction of sub soil as it gets wet and then slowly dries out can also help to threaten the structure of your home and undermine your foundations.

Inspection Ports

The foundation engineers at Humble Foundation Repair know that even the very best drainage work requires checking to ensure that it is continuing to do its job and that water movement continues to be properly managed no matter what may have changed in the environment around your home. Which is why we build in inspection ports to help us keep tabs on your foundation drainage in the future.

Surface Drains

Surface drains catch water falling onto the soil and divert it away from your home and its foundations. Choosing the size and type of the surface drains is a job for the pros at Humble Foundation Repair but no matter what amount of water we find we need to deal with we will install functional and all but invisible surface drains to take care of it.

French Drains

Surface water is far from the only culprit when it comes to drainage threats to your home. Often people in areas with little obvious rainfall still have drainage issues due to invisible subsoil groundwater movement and that needs a little more work.French Drains, also called trench drains, or subsoil drains are a proven answer to drainage problems that affect foundations. After full and proper inspection of the amount and source of water in the subsoil Humble Foundation Repair digs a series of carefully designed channels around your property, filling them with gravel and laying a perforated pipe into them that takes water away from foundations and disperses it safely. Designing and routing French Drains so that they truly protect your property for decades to come is a job for the professionals. While it’s true that you can buy perforated pipes for French Drains from the hardware store the problem is that drainage is different for every property so the correct solution isn’t a one size fits all affair. So call the pros today and let the experts design and install the drainage system to keep your home safe.


Where seasonal water run off is clearly the problem then the answer may be swales. Swales are shallow ditches with gently sloping sides that are typically dug into the contours of sloping land to collect water and divert it away from your walls and foundations. Whether it’s surface drainage, trench drainage, or a pattern of swales you need, Humble Foundation Repair will design the perfect drainage system for your property.