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Welcome to Humble Foundation Repair, the experts in all types of property foundations in the Houston Texas area. We are really rooted in the local soil with an in depth knowledge of the geology and subsurface strata of this region which, when combined with our superb technical knowledge of foundation architecture makes us the absolute go to professionals if you think your home or property is potentially being undermined by the forces of nature.
We can not only repair your property and put it right but we can also literally make it better than new and our inspections are free. So what are you waiting for?

About Us

Humble Foundation Repair are the experts. We can say that with confidence because we are not only experts in the structure and engineering of all the foundation types typically found in the Houston area, but we are also firmly grounded in the soil. To be the best in foundation repair takes an in depth understanding of what lies beneath your property – the type of soil and the forces at work that can make any building progressively structurally unstable. We can do the underground detective work to find out what the problem is and to stop it dead while we restore property foundations to a level often higher than the original design. Humble Foundation Repair are the people you want to talk to if you want your home, your property, or your investments to stay on the level.

Humble Foundation Repair are experts across the whole spectrum of foundation repair work. Cracked slabs, structural damage, concrete repair, jacking and shimming, mudjacking, block and base, pier and beam – we cover the whole range of foundation repairs for all types of foundation. We provide preventative maintenance before a problem gets out of hand and at the other end of the scale we work with severely compromised foundations, lifting and leveling houses. As well as repairing damage and restoring properties to their original state we also take pains to hunt down the culprits and fight the forces that are undermining your property. Which means drainage systems, ventilation, landscaping, and retaining walls. The following are just a few of our most popular services.

​Slab Repair

The simplest type of foundation is probably the slab – a concrete slab poured directly onto the ground. The catch is that a monolithic slab is prone to cracking if the soil beneath it settles or shifts and when it does the slab cracks, part of it tilts, and the property resting on it will lose its level. Humble Foundation Repair can pierce that slab and mudjack it or jack it and shimmy. If it has grade beams then we can also reinforce and enhance it to with piers and pilings to give your property a greater grip into the land it sits on.


Pier & Beam Repair

Beams are the timber cross pieces that support the floor and piers are the vertical supports that go down into the ground to give it solid roots. Subsidence can put those out of kilter and Humble Foundation Repair can repair, replace, or add to the piers with new concrete or steel pilings that correct any imbalance in your commercial or residential property and put it back on the level.

House Leveling

This sounds dramatic but usually we’re called in to level a house before it is visibly affected. There are lots of signs that house foundations are no longer on the level including jamming doors, cracked tiles, and dipping floors but whatever the degree of imbalance Humble Foundation Repair will re level your house, and then track the cause and restructure your foundations so it doesn’t happen again.

Retaining Wall Repair

Bulging, or separating from adjoining walls are sure signs that a retaining wall is losing its fight with the forces it is there to hold back. Humble Foundation Repair can take a look at the design of a retaining wall and not just repair the damage but rebuild it so that it is stronger and more resistant than ever before, thereby protecting your property for the future.

Drainage Services

Water is one of the key factors in soil settling and subsidence so Humble Foundation Repair takes care to assess the surface and subsoil water of your property and build or upgrade drainage systems accordingly.

​Erosion Control

Wind, water, and weather generally will erode soil and that changes the forces that your foundations are designed to fight against. Humble Foundation Repair will examine the erosioni factors affecting your property and redesign its structural defenses against the erosion that menaces it.

​“Great work from Humble Foundation Repair who understood our drainage problems immediately and created a network of shallow and deep drains to direct water away from our house.” - George. E

“It was cracks in the ground that first tipped us off that our foundations were under threat and so we booked a free inspection just in case. Very glad we did as Humble Foundation Repair quickly pointed out our property was suffering from subsidence. They corrected the movement and reinforced our foundations for us with minimal disruption to daily life.” - Johan L.

“The sense that our home was tilting, however slightly, was really unsettling and made us feel insecure. Humble Foundation Repair were no nonsense and surprisingly quick to correct the level and put new pilings in to stop it happening again.” - Jenny D.

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​Humble Foundation Repair is simply the best when it comes to foundations in the Houston area of Texas. We are the experts in the soil and geology of the region and the best types of foundations to get a firm grip on that but part of that is understanding that every lot and every property on it is different. In order to get a clear picture of what your foundations are battling with, and what they need to help them win we perform an in depth assessment before coming up with our suggestions and estimates. Call us now for your FREE inspection and quotation and have instant peace of mind for your property with Humble Foundation Repair.