Erosion Control

You don’t have to live by the side of a cliff to know that soil erosion is a threat to any property. Erosion is a natural process whereby a number of factors cause the soil to move from one point to another, undermining property foundations in the process. If your property is built on a slope then it is effectively engaged in an endless non-stop battle against the forces of soil slippage. Even if your property is built entirely on the flat then it could still be under daily attack from soil movement because of water moving through the soil and taking soil particles and substrate with it on its way. ​


The first stage in battling back against the inevitable force of erosion is to have your property inspected by the professionals from Humble Foundation Repair. We have non-destructive techniques for inspecting and assessing the pressures on your property foundations and examining the soil around foundations for factors that can increase erosion risk. Don’t wait until the structural stability of your house and home is compromised: get the foundation technicians from Humble Foundation Repair to stop that erosion now.

Hillside Stabilization

One of the obvious culprits when it comes to erosion is good old gravity. If your property is built on a slope then it will inevitably be jostling with the force of gravity that means soil is trying to move down the slope and putting pressure on the foundations in the process. Humble Foundation Repair can inspect your foundations and decide if the original architects did enough to protect those foundations or if your property could use the protection of hillside stabilization. We will check gradients to ensure they don’t exceed recommended limits and aren’t changing over time. We can construct retaining walls or employ gabions and gabion baskets to hold back that soil and take the pressure off your foundations, and with that pressure managed we can also conduct any repairs your home needs.

Drainage Control

Even when your property is built purely on the flat there is still a risk of erosion through water drainage. It doesn’t have to rain for draining water to shift your soil either – underground water channels can be quietly undermining your home without any obvious signs at the surface level. With careful use of French Drains, swales, and gradients we can ensure that while water will always run around your home, it won’t interfere with your foundations as it does. So at the first signs of soil movement, or even just for the peace of mind, call Humble Foundation Repair to protect your property.

Inspection and Maintenance

Because the factors that cause erosion – gravity and water drainage – simply never stop working it is only common sense to ensure that any erosion control work is followed up with periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure that the foundation protection continues to do its job. Talk to Humble Foundation Repair about our inspection and maintenance programs to ensure your property is protected, your assets keep their value, and you get to sleep soundly at nights. Find out much more details about us.