‚ÄčAbout Our Company

Humble Foundation Repair are the group of local experts in keeping your property as rock solid as it was meant to be in the Houston area. The soil around these parts is particular to the area, and very different on each side of the Balcones Escarpment fault line but Humble Foundation Repair has the local knowledge, the expertise in substrate and soil strata, and drainage patterns in your area. We also have technical expertise in the different types of foundations used in the Houston area including slab foundations, block and base, pier and beam, and the various combinations of them. Which means we are perfectly positioned to repair your foundations and in many cases make them stronger than they ever were when new by reinforcing them and adding deeper rooted foundation pilings. That in turn means that not only do we stop any structural damage dead in its tracks but we literally leave your foundations better than new.

As experts in drainage and subsidence we go beyond simple patching up and look to find the root cause of soil settling or erosion so that we can use our engineering skills to restructure the forces assailing your property. That could mean new drainage systems, landscaping, erosion management, or retaining walls – they are all in our arsenal of tools to stabilise properties both residential and commercial and give them a whole new rock solid future. If you were looking for foundation repair of any kind in the Houston area then congratulations because you just found the best with Humble Foundation Repair. Contact us today for more information.